Bru Force is a leading supplier of commercial and industrial fan suppliers in Johannesburg with solutions that enhance facility airflow, temperature control, and comfort.

With experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we supply heavy and light-duty steel fans, glass fibre fans, automotive fans, agricultural fans, and more.

Over the years Bru Force had expanded and we have penetrated new markets by offering quality products and services


Through a commitment to the needs of our clients and a guarantee of exceptional quality fan solutions, we at Bru Force have positioned ourselves as a leading team of industrial and commercial fan suppliers in Johannesburg.

We work alongside a wide spectrum of different types of clients to provide them with solutions for heavy and light duty fan solutions that ensure optimal airflow, temperature control, and comfort in facilities, workshops, warehouses, and more.


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Glass Fibre Fans

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Here is what we at Bru Force have to offer your facility:

Heavy & Light Duty Steel Fans

As leading industrial and commercial fan suppliers in Johannesburg, we offer a complete
range of high-quality, reliable, and affordable heavy-duty and light-duty steel fans.

These solutions bring optimal and economic performance to your machinery and facilities, no matter what your
requirements or capacity is.

Glass Fibre Fans

We also offer a complete range of high-quality, lightweight yet robust, reliable, and affordable glass fibre
fans for industrial, domestic, and commercial setups.

Our range of fibreglass fans includes specialised solutions for trucking, agriculture, earthmoving, drill
rigs, compressors, and hydraulic motors.


Bru Force high-speed balancing uses the latest technology and machinery which improves the
products operational performance and reliability. Balancing reduces impeller vibration and ads to noise
dampening, which leads to safer working environment and prolonged lift to the equipment.

Centrifugal Axial Fans

Here at Bru Force Fan Africa we recondition and supply all industrial fans and blowers. In
the blower sector a range of our products include: Centrifugal fans, Axilfoil, Axil fans, Draglines and
impellers, etc.

Commercial / Trucking Fans & Visco Clutches

Our exceptional range of automotive fans include a spectrum of solutions for vehicles, this offers include
high quality solutions from leading manufacturers like Nissan, Scania, Bell, Iveco, MAN, Merc, and Volvo. We
cover all plastic fans and Visco clutches.

Agricultural Fans

Our team of specialised industrial and commercial fan suppliers in Johannesburg also offer
a key focus on agricultural solutions that are designed to enhance performance and efficiency, at less of a
cost to you.

These offers also include our glass fibre range, ventilation fans, exhaust fans, crop spray fans, and
sawmill fans.


If you would like to know more about the extensive range of offers provided by our team of industrial and commercial
fan suppliers, be sure to get in contact with a representative from
Bru Force today.